Monday, December 8, 2008

in the cockpit

Several of our trips, we have asked about getting into the cockpit to get a picture. They have all said no. Something about "security", whatever. I have told them, "we got to go into a nuclear power plant", so our security clearance is probably high enough to get into a cockpit. Still, they have all said no.
Until now...

Of course, he had to leave the cockpit so they could finish boarding the plane. We moved back to our seats (the cherished exit row).

The flight attendant made me move him, something about the exit row occupant must be able to read and follow the evacuation instructions without causing harm to himself or others. Ned is thinking of filing an age discrimination lawsuit. Or, even better, filing it as a "hate crime", since gnomes are a protected class.

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jessika 'da messika said...

That rocks!! I'm glad they let him get into the cockpit finally. And if he's been to as many places as he has then he should be able to push the exit door open. Gnomes have special powers... right?