Thursday, December 4, 2008

Warsaw (sounds like international travel, finally)

Seems like a long time since the last trip. OH, it's only been 2 weeks. I guess the holidays made it SEEM longer ago.

We got word Monday that we had to travel to Warsaw...WARSAW... on Wednesday. The person we were meeting there said "it's cold here in Warsaw, pack a coat."
Like Ned even owns a coat.

So, we got here, and it was pretty cold. And snowy. And the trip took forever. Cause, you know, you can't fly to Warsaw direct from Austin. We had to first get to Chicago, then deal with the connection. Then, the drive. In the dark, snowy Warsaw countryside. It wasn't until the next day that we could get a picture of the sign coming into town.

Yeah, the sign's in English. Not Warsaw, Poland. Warsaw, Indiana. It's kind of like Warsaw, Poland. Exept that people here don't speak Polish. Well, most of them don't. There's not a lot to say about Warsaw, Indiana. Here's the rest of the sign. I guess this is the biggest thing the town has to offer?

We stopped by the Fort Wayne Air National Guard, thinking we could get a picture of Ned in the cockpit of a fighter jet. I don't know what kind of hours those Air National Guard people keep, but we couldn't even get in. So this will have to do.

We went to a place that makes orthopaedic replacement parts. I guess there are 2 ways to spell that word. Apparantly, a place that makes new body parts is not that different from a place that makes new car parts. Just a little cleaner.

Here's a hip (the kind that Andy's grandmother recently installed):

The welcoming committee at the airport was nice. They gave Ned a cookie.

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