Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meet Ned

Meet Ned.....perhaps not his name by birth, but the name lovingly bequeathed to him by the kind kidnappers who took him from his happy little home on Silo Valley. Ned is only a few months into his hostage state, but already he has traveled more than the hard-working, tax-paying inhabitants of Silo Valley Drive......what a bum!
Perhaps you are planning a trip soon, and you would like to take Ned along for the journey......all we ask is that you document your trip with a picture or video to add to the blog. Someday Ned will return to his boring, hum drum life in Lozano's garden, so let's send him out with a BANG!

Please enjoy these photos of recent adventures!

Ned in Tucson, AZ....sort of.

Ned riding the rails in CA. Look how creeped out he other passengers look....

Rose Bowl

No trip to Hollywood would be complete without going to see the Walk of Fame....and of course, Tom Jones' Star!