Monday, November 10, 2008

Sea World and an early demise.....

Adventures at Sea World San Antonio
What would a trip to Sea World be without a few joy rides on the coasters? Here I am getting ready for take-off on the Great White Coaster.......

And we are off......ignore the "screaming like a little girl" sounds....what a ride!

align="center">Next stop, off to see Shamu!

After the show, two of my "gnomenappers" were kind enough to take me to meet one of the trainers....such a nice chap!

(from L to R) Kaelan, Ned, Trainer, Darian, and in the rear, Shamu

The trip had a rather sad ending......I do have to tell you on their behalf, that my gnomenappers did try to warn me not to lean so far into the shark tank.......

To be continued??????

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